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Navient Student Loans: Navient Corporation is a US corporation company which is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware.Navient provides loan and loan services to students and collection of the loans.Navient is the biggest loan provider firm of United States and it provides loan on the behalf of federal government, Navient was established in 1973 with the name of Sallie Mae and this company was established by Congress for supporting student loan program. In 2004, Sallie Mae dissolved and it became a private sector company with an independent board And in 2009 US department education appointed 'Sallie Mae' to provide loan to student on their behalf, In 2010 Congress passed health care and education consolidation act for eliminating federally guaranteed loan program then 'Sallie Mae' started providing loans to college students who's guarantee was federal community , in 2014 'Sallie Mae' split into two publicly traded companies, one of them comes from education loan management business company now known as Navient.

Navient Student Loans

Navient is the largest student loan services provider which offers various student loans. Navient has till now provided a loan to 12 million customers and nearly 300 billion dollar student’s loans currently, Navient Corp. provides employment to over 6000 employees.



This loan only helpful for the undergraduate student, in this loan scheme no interest charge student is in school half-time and during the deferment period.


This loan is only provided facilities to the undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree students and in this loan interest charge on subsidized during all period.


This loan is dependent on parents whose kids are still in school or they are parents of undergraduate students, interest is charged during all period.


This loan is only for professional degree student; interest is charged during all period.


A direct consolidation loan allows you to combine multiple federal education loans. The result is single payment instead of multiple monthly payments.

2 Several Educational Loan Program

Elected Stafford Subsidized Loans:

For college understudies, intrigue is paid for your benefit by the government while you are in school at any rate half-time and amid elegance or delay periods.

Government Stafford Unsubsidized Loans:

For undergrad, graduate, and expert degree understudies, intrigue is charged on unsubsidized credits amid all periods.

FFELP PLUS Loans for Parents:

For guardians of ward college understudies, intrigue is charged amid all periods.

FFELP PLUS Loans for Graduate Students:

For graduate and expert degree undergraduates, intrigue is charged amid all periods.

FFELP Consolidation Loans

For borrowers who joined their qualified government understudy credits into a solitary advance. Intrigue is paid for your benefit by the government on subsidized bits of FFELP Consolidation Loans amid suspension periods.

3. Health Education Assistance Loan Program

This loan only provided to those students which are graduated in the fields of medicals and who have opted the health related fields. From the several years of time, this program was discontinued after the year 1998.

4.Government Parkins Loan Program

Perkins Loans are bringing down intrigue understudy advances supported by the central government and controlled by schools to undergrad and graduate understudies with outstanding monetary need. The sum you can get relies upon your budgetary need and the accessibility of assets at the school.

5.Some Other Types Of Navient Student Loan Programmes

Nongovernment program points of interest can fluctuate enormously, including terms, intrigue, and reimbursement alternatives.

Payday Loans that Accept Prepaid Accounts for Students

In addition to the traditional credit card, prepaid cards are also offered from time to time. They work - as the name suggests - according to the prepaid principle. This means that the customer transfers money to his credit card account and only has this money available. Unlike a "normal" credit card, there is no credit limit here. You are often warned about the use of a prepaid credit card for booking car rental.

Classic credit cards have been around for many decades. Prepaid credit cards have been on the rise in recent years. Attractive for some groups of people especially because there is no Schufa search, no income test, etc. Sometimes it is not even necessary to go through an identification procedure. But only for one reason: it is more like a credit card when designing a credit card. There are both prepaid cards from VISA and Mastercard. Until now, there are no American Express credit cards in USA.

The layman cannot distinguish a prepaid credit card from a real credit card. It sometimes happens that prepaid cards do not show high pressure from the credit card number. But there are also prepaid credit cards with relief.

As a rule, credit cards have a credit limit. That is also the idea behind such a card. The user uses this when paying in the shop or on the internet and the issuing bank gives the trader a payment guarantee - at least up to the amount of the agreed credit limit.

Payday loans that accept prepaid accounts guarantee is especially important for car rental and hotel bookings. A deposit must often be made. In more than 90 percent of the cases, only credit cards are accepted. For the customer this has the advantage that he does not have to deposit cash. The corresponding amount is simply blocked on the credit card. Of course, the blocked amount is not available for expenses.

Private Student Loans:

Private advances are not supported by the government,but rather are made by banks, credit unions, or fund organizations.They are principally used to enable understudies to take care of school costs well beyond what can be secured with a government advance.Not at all like government credits, have private advance qualification necessities, loan costs, and terms shifted from money lender to bank. For data about reimbursing private advances, allude to your private credits' promissory notes and correspondences from your private advance servicer.

There are few key contrasts with private student loans include:

  • Installments might be required while you are in school and during the effortlessness/grace and postponement statuses.
  • Financing costs might be settled or variable, and if it's variable, it might change as regularly as a month to month.
  • Private credits are not financed and intrigue is charged amid all periods.
  • Most by far of our private credits are qualified training advances for 1098-E detailing.
  • Private credit suspension and avoidance alternatives might be restricted.
  • Contact Navient and your other credit services to discover what choices are accessible.

Navient Student Login:

Navient also provides a facility to login into their website ( which allows customers to manage different type of loans by sitting at a computer table. Customer login is secured with different security systems. Customers can log in to by registering on the official website (

Navient Lawsuit

In January 2017 a lawsuit was filed against Navient Corp. by consumer financial protection bureau that borrowers may have different loans on their account, spread across multiple federal loan servicer. These can be the mix of various private and federal loans, after this accusation Navient started the student loan forgiveness program which allows cancellation or discharge of various types of student loans according to the different type’s specific type of eligibility criteria.

Navient Department Of Education:

Navient corporations processes and work on behalf of US department of education and provide loans to the department of education, Navient provides loans to various categories of students look for help. Navient Customer Service Hours

Navient customer service hours (Monday - Tuesday) 8 AM to 9 PM ET, Friday timing- 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET.

Navient Customer Service

Navient loan service helps millions of people to full fill the dreams of customers in difficult times. offers various types of services like loans for business education, health care, etc to millions of its customers every day.To its focus on its customers, Navient provides customer service for its every customer individually and provides follow up by different means such as You can call navient customer service by navient phone number message helpline center or mail process.

Navient Phone Number

For queries about FFELP and HEAL loans you can contact to Navient on 001888 272 5543

And Navient toll-free helpline is (888 272 5543)

DIRECT LINE: (317 576 7397)